From the corner office for April 28, 2024

From the Corner Office is Father Mike's weekly bulletin column.

The Easter Season continues, as we know too well, and at a time when we can “slide into auto drive”… It is tough to keep the attention when we hear these readings, and at time the readings all seem to simply blend together. Remember, the reading are on a three year rotation, and these reading are relating not only the birth of the young Church in the Acts of the Apostles or in the epistles but also in the selection of the Gospel passages from St. John. Jesus tells us how we will produce much fruit if we remain in him. The question for each of us is simple… “Do we want to produce much fruit, or are we content with ‘just getting by’ in the long run?” Remember, this time here is only temporary, it is the next step that we are looking to live with the saints and God.

~ Even more - Continual, “Easter, Peace be with you!”

Fr. Mike

From the Pastor’s Desk:

So, did you blink at all? Did you notice that April’s calendar page is about ready to be flipped? The Easter Season continues, but you need to know about and appreciate the hard work of both the Parish Finance Council and Pastoral Council. They are quietly working “literally” behind the scenes…They usually meet in the rectory after a long day at their professional jobs, and then try their best to avoid the questions “of Father” about this or that matter. So I think it is worth saying a “Thank You” and a (often needed…) “You’re in my prayers” simply because this parish would not be where it is today but for the hard work of the few. Thank you (!) for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to both of our Finance and Pastoral council members!

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