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The following article was published in the parish bulletin for Sunday, June 9, 2024.

"Therefore, we are not discouraged" (2Cor 4)

So many times we can worry about what’s to come next or how much more we can take. From things we find out that can disturb, frustrate and even anger us, it can feel like we are left with needing to answer that unsettling question of "how do I respond to all this now?” The Sunday readings this weekend help us to hear how to respond to God when grace and sin surrounds the human life.

My name is Fr. G. David Bline and I am the Spiritual Director for Saint Mary Seminary (yes, I work with the other Spiritual Director from Borromeo Seminary, Fr. Bill Bouhall). Like Fr. Bill, I came to the seminary with over two decades of being a parish Priest and pastor. To be honest, it’s why we were sent to the seminary…not to leave the parish life we loved, but to instill that same love in the hearts of the seminarians. It’s one of the greatest privileges I have been given, to help spiritually form the hearts of these men to truly know The Heart of the Good Shepherd and learn to respond to His people with His compassion and mercy.

Last week, during the preparations of Priesthood and Deacon ordinations, I was asked by Bishop Malesic to consider adding another responsibility to my spiritual father role at the seminary. He asked me to consider coming to your parish during the summer months to help with the administration and sacramental needs of the parish. It didn’t take me long to hear Jesus’ voice invite me to be with you during this time. Thank you for letting me.

I grew up with my six sisters and parents in Stow and Cuyahoga Falls. After college I became a Child Life Specialist at the former St. Luke Hospital, where I took care of the psycho-social needs of children and families.

To tell the truth, I didn’t know at the time how much I needed all of this to help prepare me for what it takes to be a Priest and Spiritual Director. I am beginning to meet up with your priests and pastoral team.

Although our time is limited together, know I am praying for you and your parish. Please pray for me and the joyful discernment of our seminarians. This year I have reason for really celebrating the feast of St. Thomas More (June 22nd).


Fr. David Bline

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