Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Haiti - July 13 and 14

At Masses on July 13-14, parishioners will hear about the Diocese of Norwich Outreach to Haiti’s mission serving the poor of Haiti.

The second collection is dedicated to Outreach to Haiti. Funds support the families in the poverty-stricken area of Christ Roi (Christ the King) and 14 twinned sister parishes in the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Your gifts can help provide medical care, nutrition supplements and food, education scholarships, small business and community development, and outfitting our new clinic in Christ Roi.

For 40 years, Outreach has been serving some of God’s poorest, faith-filled, and God loving Catholics. In the values of the Gospel, our mission provides sacramental and spiritual support through programs and relationships with twins in both the US and Haiti.

Susan Wallace’s first trip to Haiti was in 1980s and she has come to us as Executive Director. She comes to share her stories and invites you to be a part of the mission. Our Haitian brothers and sisters are struggling with severe food shortages, political and gang unrest, but find peace in the midst at Church. Please pray for them. We thank you for your generosity. For more information about this ministry please visit Outreach to Haiti website at www.outreachtohaiti.org

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