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St. Thomas More is a Roman Catholic parish in Brooklyn, Ohio centered in the Eucharist.  By following the words and actions of Jesus Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strive to build God's kingdom.

St thomas more christmas mass

A brief history...

St. Thomas More Parish was established by Bishop Hoban on March 8, 1946.  Monsignor Howard Smith was named the first pastor.  The first Mass was held at the Memphis Theater.

On September 12, 1949 our elementary school opened staffed with the Sister of the Incarnate Word.  The school's current gymnasium was the first church on the grounds.

The rectory was built in 1954 and the parish's convent (Issemann Place) was built in 1961.   

On May 23, 1965, ground was broke for the parish's current church building with the parish's first Mass offered in the current church on June 11, 1967.

Utopia Hall was built in 1978 and in 1982 the convent was converted to a home for retired priests.  Currently, it serves as a friary for the Franciscans that minister throughout the diocese including Padua Franciscan High School.

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